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Shaman's Secret partners

Drugs in Shamanism

An essential role in shamans campaigns is played by psychodysleptic drugs (hallucinogens). The effect of LSD on the psyche is determined by the fact that under its influence imaginative thinking takes precedence over logical thinking to the same extent as in early childhood (up to three years). Buy LSD on directdrugs.to (darknet hub) with one click (https://directdrugs.to/product/liquid-lsd/). A manifestation of this is a partial mixture of real images with hallucinations (the subjective is projected onto the objective world), an increase in the feeling of irresponsibility and, as one of the most characteristic manifestations, is the effect of a slowdown in the course of time resulting from a sharp acceleration of mental processes. The second hand on the watch after taking LSD literally stops before our eyes. It takes "hellish patience" to notice its movement. Speech becomes confused, as the words merge into one stream, approach each other.